Freya Couture

Branding  /  Product Development


In 2016, Freya Couture will be launching a line of ready-to-wear and made-to-measure business suits for women. Lizardi Communications will be responsible for all aspects of branding, product development, sales and marketing of this exciting, new company.

Jardin Seed Company

Branding  /  Product Development  /  Package Design

Establishing a new brand in a market sector that his been around for centuries is a branding challenge that Lizardi Communications and Jardin Seed Company successfully accomplished. Using an old world design aesthetic and high-end materials, the Jardin brand is quickly becoming known as a premium garden supply company.

Gringo Bandito

Brand Development  /  Logo Design

In 2004, Dexter Holland from the punk rock band The Offspring, launched Gringo Bandito, his red pepper hot sauce. It was a smash success and he currently has an expanded line of award-winning hot pepper sauces. Lizardi Communications designed the original packaging which is still in use today, and continues to provide design and marketing services to Gringo Bandito which can now be purchased in thousands of markets across the country.

Ciccone Vineyard

Branding  /  Logo Design  /  Packaging

Sometimes an established brand just needs a little facelift. For Ciccone Vineyard & Winery a logo redesign helped to enhance the award-winning wines that they are becoming famous for.  They have also been famously known as the wine made by the father of the world’s most famous living Madonna.